Safety – First and Foremost!

Your safety and well-being while monitoring is vital. Before you begin monitoring, please notify a responsible person of when and where you will be monitoring and your expected time of return.
Anyone participating in the Secchi disk project must fill in a registration form (available from the Project Officer) and any injuries sustained while monitoring should be reported to the Project Officer as soon as possible.

  • Don’t go out in hazardous conditions
    • Do not take readings in a storm. It is hard to see the Secchi disk in choppy water and can be unsafe. Wait until waves and wind have subsided.
    • Ideally go out with at least two people. If you must monitor by yourself, notify someone of your movements and expected time of return.
    • If it is windy, secure loose items to ensure they are not blown into the water.
  • Choose a safe location for monitoring
    • Jetties with safety rails are ideal for taking readings. They are stable and accessible, and it is easy to use exactly the same location each time.
    • If you are in a boat, it is essential that a licensed and experienced person is in control of the vessel and that all passengers are wearing life jackets.
    • Make sure the place you take readings is not vulnerable to waves, e.g. rocks, steps that are slippery or underwater or unprotected ledges.
    • Make sure the place is at a safe distance from any potential danger.
  • What if the disk falls into the water
    • Do not put yourself in danger to attempt to retrieve the disk.
  • Use Personal Protective Equipment
    • Be sun safe. Wear a long sleeved shirt, sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.
    • Wear sturdy closed in shoes with a good tread. Thongs and sandals are not appropriate footwear.
    • Gloves may be useful for pulling up the wet line.
    • Consider taking a first aid kit with you when monitoring.
    • Take drinking water to keep hydrated in hot weather.
    • Take a mobile phone in case of an emergency call

Ambulance/ Fire/ Police: 000
Mobile phone alternative emergency number: 112