Secchi Marine Project

Secchi Marine Project

Secchi Disk Monitoring – Gulf of St Vincent

About Us

The Secchi Disk Project is operated by the Friends of Gulf St Vincent Group. Volunteers have been recording Secchi Depths around the Gulf for over 2 years and some interesting readings have emerged. Secchi Depths...
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Secchi Monitoring

Measuring water quality using the Secchi Project The short film below demonstrates the monitoring method and safety requirements adopted by the Friends of Gulf St Vincents’ Secchi Porject.  The Secchi disk is used to give...
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Safety – First and Foremost! Your safety and well-being while monitoring is vital. Before you begin monitoring, please notify a responsible person of when and where you will be monitoring and your expected time of...
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Secchi Disk Monitoring Project

There has been growing concern, in the past decades, about the deterioration of water quality and the marine environment in Gulf St Vincent. This has led to a number of long-term studies investigating the causes and effects of pollution from metropolitan and rural sources.

It is now understood that wastewater, industrial discharges and stormwater carrying pollutants (particularly nutrients) are the major culprit in the extensive loss of seagrasses (and their associated marine life) off Adelaide and other coastal regions.

Secchi Disk Monitoring is operated by volunteers and coordinated by the Friends of Gulf St Vincent based in Adelaide, South Australia.

The Secchi Project provides a baseline and record of trends, and helps to educate about the sources and impacts of pollution.

The Secchi Disk is a relatively simple and inexpensive way to measure water clarity – the black and white disc is lowered into the water until it is no longer visible. This distance is the ‘Secchi Depth’.

Pat Harbison OAM

It is with great sadness that we farewell our founding member and life member Pat Harbison OAM, who died on the 9 November 2021, age... Read More "Pat Harbison OAM"

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