Monitoring Locations

Monitoring Locations

Important information for monitoring locations

The Secchi Project in South Australia is currently operated at the following locations, Bluff Point, Brighton Jetty, Grange Jetty, Port Adelaide Jetty, Port Vincent Jetty, Semaphore, Stansbury Jetty and Victor Harbor Jetty.

Monitoring locations need to be over relatively deep water so you can get a range of readings. This can be on jetties, pontoons, boats or other stable safe sites.

Monitoring should be conducted from the same spot each time. If monitoring from a boat or other vessel you may want to use your GPS to find the same spot.

It is essential that the site you choose to take your readings is easy to reach no matter what the tide level, is safe and has enough room for you and your kit. Ideally there should be a sturdy rail to tie your Secchi disk to, in case it is dropped or knocked into the water.

Personal safety is paramount, and you should not put yourself or others at risk to retrieve a Secchi disk.

If you would like to become in The Secchi Project in South Australia using The Secchi Disk to monitor water turbidity, we would love to hear from you. Please click here to get in touch with us